Now or Never

The snow fell heavy making promise of a good storm as Ana pulled into the snow-filled driveway of her families cabin. Memories invaded her mind as guilt for leaving flooded her heart, mixing in with previous mixed emotions about the situation she was in. Her hands tightened on the steering wheel hoping that maybe she was smart enough to put super glue on the backside, giving her reason enough to turn around and go back to the airport; that sat a good three-hour drive away. Three if the weather was in your favor; ironically it wasn’t, and there was very little traffic. If both things were not in your favor then what you had hoped to be a three-hour drive could very well turn into a six-hour drive. It didn’t help that her daughter was bound to wake up cranky and hungry or that periodically she had to stop and let her puppy out for a pee, or to have a drink. She picked up her cellphone in contemplation, flipped it over and stared at the blinking email icon. A small smile formed on her lips. Her index finger hit the blinking email and the unread text message appeared.

Will (Sent at – 6:37pm) – Your probably driving still but when you get to your moms just take a deep breath and move forward. They miss you and will be glad to see you. Call me if you need me, I’ll see you up there in a few days

Ana closed the text message and shoved her phone into her winter jacket pocket. She looked up at the cottage before her. it was like she had remembered it in the winter. Smoke billowed from the chimney’s of the fireplaces that kept the temperature toasty warm. Lights from the naked christmas tree in the family room danced across the pristine white blanket that coated the front lawn. Ana glanced back into the rear seats. Her daughter slept peacefully. Her winter hat sat atop of the backpack Ana had packed for the road. The animal carrier that held her golden retriever; Milo remained silent except for a soft snoring sound.
“I guess it’s now or never” Ana pulled on her gloves and her hood. Before her brain could persuade her to stop what she was about to do and instead drive far away into the oncoming storm that could very well keep her here for days, she pushed open her driver’s side door and stepped out into the winter wonderland.

…to be continued


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