He Will Never Truly Be Gone

Ana pulled the door open and slid into Monica’s car. Both girls avoided meeting each others eyes.
“Hi” Monica stated, her voice quiet and soft. Ana buckled up her seat belt and looked up finally meeting her friends eyes.
“Hi” Monica backed her car out of Ana’s driveway and Ana’s house disappeared as they drove toward’s their destination. “Thank you Monica, for today. I didn’t think I’d be strong enough to ride with my family. James and I would have arrived together but he was asked my Mrs. Jenson to be a pallbearer, and had to leave early this morning”. Ana pushed her hair back behind her ear and folded her shaking hands, placing them in her lap.
“It’s fine, Ryan was asked as well. I’m glad you called, I didn’t really want to arrive alone” Monica bit on her lip. Ana continued to stare out her window while Monica concentrated on the road.
“How is Ryan taking it all?” Ana rolled down the window a crack, and breathed in the fresh autumn air.
“He won’t talk to me about it” Their eyes met for a fraction of a second before Monica turned her attention back to the road.
“Well Ryan and Sam had been the closest of friend when they were boys. I haven’t seen James all week except for last night, he’s been at the station on call. He wouldn’t take the three days his boss gave him or talk about it at all either. Not that I could blame him. I mean we all knew Sam and we all have been friends since grade school”
“How’s your sister? she received the news first didn’t she?”
“My mum was over when the officers came to the door. She’s broken. Were all trying to help her out as best we can. Tori’s been spending the last few nights at my place and I think I’m going to keep her for a few more days” Ana wiped a tear that had fallen off her cheek. She pulled down the visor and opened the mirror. She dried her eyes to fix her appearance. She reapplied her mascara as neat as she could in a moving car. “It was just so sudden you now? I mean one minute he’s gone on tour and Gwen’s received his letters and sending the one’s she writes back and then…”Monica placed a hand on top of Ana’s to calm her nerves.
“Damn these tears” Ana grabbed a tissue from the box on the dashboard and hastily wiped away the tears that kept falling. “I told myself I wouldn’t cry”
“It’s okay to cry. He was like an older brother to you and your brother-in-law” Monica grabbed Ana’s hand and gave it a soft squeeze. Ana sighed. “Everything will be okay, we’ll all get through this together. After all he’ll never truly be gone, because he’ll always live on in our hearts”.


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