About Me

A Little About Me:


The Inner Designer: I’m an interior decorating student with big dreams of owning my own firm and having both a diploma in decorating but also a bachelor in design…I might even take it all the way to getting something to do with architecture. I love to collect design magazines…really any magazines at all. The TLC channel is all I watch of television. I am frequently changing the setting of my furniture.

The Inner Creator: I’m a writer by hobby…I write fictional novels and short stories ranging in all genres. I’ve never actually completed a long work of fiction. I spend the month of november writing frantically to meet a goal of 50,000 words or more by November 31st. I love to sketch and draw…mostly interiors. I love photography. I like to spend my time taking photo’s of nature.

The Bookworm/Gamer: < this says it all…I LOVE books and that’s pretty much an understatment. I collect books. Never willing to let one be thrown out whether it’s a book I dislike (< highly unlikely) or it’s being abandoned because its damaged….I repair. I never leave the bookstore empty-handed. And the library whether public or private is my place to be.  The gamer part…I love to play sims 3….mostly for the building (from house plans or from the top of my head) and decorating. I also like to venture out into the world of Azeroth (wow) every once and a while, playing both horde and alliance characters; mainly on the realm whisperwind but I also like to venture to other realms.


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