Sullivan’s Legacy – 1.4

Late in the night Leila hears something outside squeaking. She decides to check it out. Theres a squirrel, lost and alone, Leila decides to catch it and being him home. She names him Hammy.

Boo has made quite an addition to the family. She’s a cute precious little thing. Leila wants the chance to teach her some tricks so that she may eventually compete in town competitions. First things first; teaching Boo to sit.


During the early morning an opportunity pops to study at the library, she does so and it prove valuable as she learns more about hacking into an enemies database. She receives a phone call with her first case – the case of the missing mouth wash, the client: Ethan Parrott

Leila bribes Jazlynn to confess to her prank and give Ethan back his mouth wash, its a win win for all.

After closing her first case, Leila decides to give the house it’s much needed makeover.

After using the washing machine it decides to call it quits and shortly after the toilet…again. Thank god the tech guy Is coming.


Leila has started her own small garden to make a small extra profit off the neighbours. She skilled up one skill level in gardening.


Leila receives her second case and is promoted (1) to Small Claims Investigator


The morning after she decides to take a walk through town. During her walk she meets Patricia Bedlington, they stop to talk for a few minutes.



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