Sullivan’s Legacy – 1.3

She catches no one in a criminal act by the time the sun is high in the sky. She’s slightly disappointed and unmotivated. She thought that this job might have a slight fun factor to it…but alas she has not found it. She receives a call from the police station, their looking for her insight to help solve this latest case that their stumped on. She reluctantly agrees and heads on over to give a hand.

After a long day at the office and coming up empty and no where further to solving the investigation than when she started she heads home. She decides to walk home. It might be good to get some fresh air and let the disappointment roll of her shoulders.

While walking she stops and looks as she almost stepped on an Emerald Tree Boa Snake. He’s absolutely beautiful and she thinks he will make a lovely addition to her family. She decides to pick him up and put him in her pocket and carry him home.

Later in the day after making a few bucks and feeling a bit better about her job she heads out on her second stakeout at the fitness center. She does witness some criminal activity between Tate Curly and Rodney Singleton. She has a feeling Mr. Singleton is still sore about the pie eating contest and is up to no good. She heads back home long after their gone to write her report and email it to her friend inside the police station.

Once at home she tries her hand at hacking into a criminal online database. It proves to be useful in getting her used to the skill but nothing more. By the end of the day she is thoroughly disappointed with her career path. And on top of it all she had to drop 50 simoliens to get a repair man to fix her toilet.  She spends time with Shadow and he makes her his best friend, something she’s been waiting for, for a long time.

As the night progresses into early morning, Leila is up at the crack of dawn and heading to the local police station to do some low level police work…hopefully she can manage to do that with some success.

After making a few bucks and feeling better about her job, Leila heads out on her second stakeout to the fitness center.  At the fitness center she does finally witness some criminal activity between Tate Curly and Rodney Singleton. She has a bad feeling about what Mr. Singleton is up to, her gut tells her he’s still sore over the eating contest and is up to no good. Long after they leave Leila heads home to write up her report on what she saw and email it into her friend at the police station.

Leila finally feels like she accomplished something and is feeling very well. Leila decides it’s time to adopt another dog. Poor shadow is all alone most of the time and he needs a friend to play with. Leila adopts a female, unknown breed dog, a small dog, who she names Boo.

Feeling over confident in her skills and after she gets Boo settled in, she heads out on another stake out. It’s a bust this time, but she lets it go as she picks wildflowers. An hour or two later and Leila’s got allergies. Not wanting to be stuck with allergies for days she pumps out 200 simoliens and heads to the hospital for an allergy shot.



Author’s Notes:

I just wanted to show how many wild flower’s Leila has collected…she will continue to collect them until she dies…it’s kind of her thing I guess. They’ve pretty much taken over the house and the house smells like a greenhouse.

Flowers from left to right: Azalea (2), Indian Blanket (1), Sweet William (3), Cosmos (2), Daisy (3), Sulfur (3), Black eyed Susan (3), Blue Flax (2)


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