Sullivan’s Legacy – 1.2

Leila finally found a job that stood out in the newspaper. It was an advert for Private Investigator, she didn’t mind a little under cover work. The advert pretty much jumped off the page out at her so she knew it must have been right. The pay wasn’t exactly great, but it was better than nothing…and right now she had nothing.

Leila taught shadow some new tricks: sit up, speak and shake. He really is coming along in his training.


The rent was paid and the daily chores were done. While cleaning, Leila was going through the newspapers and found a flyer for the summer festival that was officially opening today. She had never been to one and decided to take the opportunity to do so.



As soon as she saw the face painting booth she knew that however it might be silly that she just had to get it done, you only live once right?



(Photo ^ l to r: Calvin Riffin, Rodney Singleton, Leila, Alouette Bird)

She was asked to take part in the hotdog eating contest (the place wasn’t very busy).

The contestants look bored as they wait for the judge and the horn to start…well they all look bored except for Mr. Singleton who looks like he might have to use the men’s washroom. He didn’t leave and forfeit his place, he was a trooper and pressed through it.

And Leila is pleased as punch that she’s won first place in the hotdog contest. Way to Go!!

Ms. Bird coming in at second just behind Leila

Mr. Ruffin forfeits and Mr.Singleton takes third place by default. I don’t think he’s too happy about that one.


After winning the eating contest, Leila goes and trades in her tickets. Her choice of prize is a horse shoe ring for her own backyard. It should add to the ambience…not!!


She decided to pick some wildflowers behind the goal to add to her collection, and headed into the greet card booth to get her photo taken.



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