Sullivan’s Legacy – 1.1

In her first few days in town, Leila bought a nicely sized plot of land, and four walls were built with a roof to stay over her head. With what left over money she had left she bought meager furniture from the online catalogue on her phone and thus her place was sparsely furnished.

She spends her morning doting on her pal shadow before the two of them head into town to the local dog park for the weekly “Dog Social Hour”.

   < At the dog social hour Leila met Shawnee Fox who was attending with his child Dakota Fox and there hay-loving friend Bramble. Leila decided that the only thing she could think about when she met Shawnee was the fact that she was attracted to him…and apparently he was to her to. (Writer rolling eyes here, seriously get a grip Leila, no one wants to be a home wrecker in a small town, word travels fast like a forest fire)

As per her opportunity Leila introduced herself to a few of the townsfolk’s pets. Shawnee disappeared with his child and she decided that maybe since he gave her his number she would text him so he would get hers.

She finds two wildflowers that now take up residence on her night side table. They added a certain kind of charm to her bedroom area and made where she’ll rest her head smell like a field of wildflowers. How pretty!

Leila decides that while she’s at the dog park she might as well make use of the place and teach shadow a new trick. She has been kind of lacking in his obedience training, but he’s a good dog so it doesn’t show…much.

The rest of the afternoon goes off without a hitch as she heads home to her humble abode. We find her looking in the newspaper. With any luck maybe she’s finally decided to look for a job. Alas…that’s a negative on the job search, she’s decided to seek out information on the discount classes…it’s guitar today which won’t help her. Oh well off to the city hall I go…its a charisma class I’m after.

Leila’s hard earned money spent on a class allows her to manage to grasp the basic concepts of charisma…it’s a miracle. She thinks the class curriculum could use a revamp. The class it’s self was very dry and she fell asleep for half of it.


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