The Month of October

Wow, October came fast didn’t it?
I just love October…and all the things that come with it. By now our communities are turning beautiful with orange and red colored leaves, apples are being picked and kids are picking out their costumes for Halloween. My favorite thing to do is bake…anything with apples.

Anywho … the month of October is bound to be busy…for one its exactly one month until NaNoWriMo…one month until I give November all I’ve got and write my book, and the second…I am now a working girl, yay!! Yes I finally got a job. Thank goodness I was beginning to think I was never going to get one. After all I have been searching and applying since August. It’s not much but its something. It’s part time but six hours a day not including weekends. I’ll work everyday. It’s fast food but as my first day was yesterday I loved the environment. A little intimidating at first but after a bit it worked out. Since I am now working there is a good chance I won’t be going back to school. I think I’m done with Humber anyway for the most part. I’ve made several attempts to get in contact with the program coordinator and I did go above her head to see something done but nothing so far? They make a promise at the beginning of the year that you won’t fall through the cracks and yet I’ve fallen and still falling into a canyon.

I also booked my road test to get my G2 – I can’t even explain how nervous I am. But it’s solid and set in stone so I can’t change it now (I probably could but I’d like to keep the mindset that it is otherwise theres a probable chance I will chicken out).

Here’s a list of novels I plan to read for October:

1. The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks – Currently Reading
2. The White Princess – Philippa Gregory (The Cousin’s War #5)
3. The Search – Nora Roberts
4. The Gathering – Kelley Armstrong (Darkness Rising #1)
5. Along Came a Spider – James Patterson (Alex Cross #1)

Anyone else have a list of books their reading for October. I have one for each week. I probably won’t get to all of them but some of them in no particular order. Then again I might surprise myself and read them all plus a few added.


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