Books, Books and More Books

I’ve come to the sudden realization that I really do have too many books…both ebooks and read hard copy novels. Should there be a limit to how many books a person owns? I was browsing an online bookstore yesterday trying to find something to read when a sudden thought occurred…I already have books I haven’t read. Most of them I want to read…I just either haven’t had the time or it wasn’t appealing when I am trying to find something to read.

I have…I guess I can say an obsession with books. I can’t find it in myself to throw out or give books away. And I really can’t help myself when I go into the local bookstore. When I eventually leave I’ve always had a bag in my hands with a newly purchased book. I always save books….and magazines for that matter…but Magazines are an entirely different story. I need them for my studies and eventually my career. I’ve got magazines leading all the way back to before I was born.

I recently have taken into care my grandfathers belongings and in these blue Rubbermaid tubs are magazines and  books on almost any topic. Some are really old and yet I find myself keeping them all. Some books I have no interest in reading but there like a connection to him and will forever be a keepsake of mine.

Whats your bookshelf like? Both ebooks and book?


Novel Planning: Creating a Novel Bible

So the other day I ran across a forum post for something called a novel bible. This really piqued my interest because well probably like most writer’s this is the only thing my organizational mind can’t reach and that’s my writing files on my computer. I’m a clean and organized freak in every other aspect of my life but when it comes to my writing forget about it and most of the time I usually lose a file and what not and I can never find anything. Just this morning I found a whole half novel that I had started writing but thought I lost. It was covered in dust at the bottom of a file folder in something I would have never thought to look in otherwise on my hard drive.
A novel bible or binder if you couldn’t already guess is everything organized into one place for you. It includes everything that you might think you want to put in your future novel. Over the course of the last few days I tried making a hard copy of one, something that wasn’t on the computer but it go really disorganized fast and I was wasting paper which wasn’t something I wanted to do. So then I started thinking of programs I could possibly use to have it electronically. Some people keep it simple and in word or in evernote. Well point blank I highly dislike Evernote and use OneNote instead, and Word was too constricting.
Yesterday I had attempted in Evernote and made a small dent but still got frustrated when it got too confusing and then I realised I was doing it all wrong. It was me being over organizational again.
So instead of having a gizillion little uncatagorized pieces I have my binder organized as follows (it’s all alphabetical which will drive me insane since I want it organized by importance – may yet have a solution to fix that)

Against All Odds Novel Bible
•Major Characters
•Minor Characters
•Rough Plot Ideas
•Rough Timeline of Events
The Plot
•Uncatagorized Scenes
•Time Line
•Chapter One Scenes (Section for each chapter of scenes)
The Sequel – Pre-plan
•Rough Time Line of Events
•Uncatagorized Scenes
•Probable Characters

Under each section lets say for character I can have under Character A, a page for each of the following: Photos/Character sketch, And then one for each biography category and anything else. Of all the methods I tried this one was the easiest to work out and set up. Of course the outline above for my catagories may work for myself and not for you. You’ll just have to play with it and find what way works for you.
Anyways I feel with this method I can keep track of my novels. Not to mention OneNote allows you to have many notebooks at once. Unfortunately the program only comes in the Microsoft Office bundle and costs a bunch…though if you’re a student you can get it for free. Totally worth it.
My last post I mentioned that I wanted to plan before I ever attempted NaNoWriMo again or writing at all and well I’m sticking with the program, though I have started writing down some uncatagorized and totally rough scenes when an idea or two has popped into my brain. I feel this method of planning will totally work.
Laters for now,

Happy Writing!